The Proposal

August 12, 2018

Austin and my family had been using a cover story for about a week that we were going to be taking "graduation pictures" as I had just finished my Masters and Austin was graduating with his Bachelors in December. My mom had said that my great-aunt was going to be with her real-estate business taking group pictures at a house near the water and that we were welcome to come and use the location as well for pictures. Austin had told me he was going to be at work all morning and would meet us at the location after work. I was not too thrilled about doing graduation pictures but thankfully my mom was able to convince me to dress nice and do my nails! My mom drove me and as we looked for this house, I knew we were in the area of the wedding venue, Hunter Valley Farms. As we continue to drive around "looking for the house" we start to come up on the entrance for Hunter Valley Farms. I see one car and a vintage car sitting close to the entrance. I thought there was a wedding going on but my mom starts to pull in claiming she was going to "turn around" but I start freaking out because we shouldn't be there with a wedding going on. As my mom continues to pull in, the driver of the vintage car begins to step out of the car and walk toward us. I continue to freak out thinking he is going to yell at us for being there! My mom parks behind his car and begins to say "No we are allowed to be here, this is for you!" I then immediately knew what was going on! I got in the Rolls Royce car that drove me past the fields with horses and through the venue down to a board walk by the lake where Austin was waiting for me with flowers of my two favorite colors, orange and purple. He walked me down to a ceremony area and proposed! The ring contained a family diamond that was given to me when I turned 18; I loved the diamond and decided to save it for a future engagement ring. Austin did an incredible job of having it put into the most gorgeous ring! The ring was in a box that my Papaw had made just for us, using wood that had come from the Smoky Mountains many years ago that my Papaw had saved a long time. Austin had also hired a photographer, Kelsey Prater to capture all the moments of our proposal as well as a photo session afterwards. Following the photo session, the Rolls Royce took us both to Calhoun's where there was a surprise party with so many of our family and friends!

The proposal was beyond amazing and so special! Austin did an incredible job of putting it all together, it could not have been more perfect!

The Ring and Ring Box

When I turned 18, my grandmother gave me a solitare diamond ring that was her sister's. The ring and diamond were absolutely beautiful and still one of the most beautiful diamonds I have seen! I wore it a few times but I decided I wanted to save it for use in a future engagement ring. Austin was able to take this ring to a family friend and have my engagement ring custom made for the diamond...and he nailed it!! The box that Austin kept it in and used at the proposal was made by my Papaw which also made it special.
Jessica Williams